I’ve been meaning to start this site for awhile. Wanted to do my own site, but I’m so busy working on web stuff and photography on the side that I decided to use the WordPress blogging service, hopefully creating my own template later. I want to use this site to document web tips and techniques I stumble across during my work to help others who are trying to do similar things.

I could not be in this business without Google and all the things people have posted on the web dealing with web standards and browser issues. Time for me to pay it forward, so to speak. I anticipate this site will also be a reference site for myself. How many times have I said, “shoot, I’ve run into this before, how did I solve it?” only to have no idea if I ever documented it or, if I did, where that documentation lives.

I’m a web programmer for IBM, prototyping the html/css for their web applications that then gets handed off to the developers for them to do their thing. I’ve been programming for the web for 12+ years. Most of the time, I like my job. 🙂


If you are going to leave comments on my site (which is encouraged), I’d like to request you refrain from using profanity. I know it’s second nature to some people to mingle it into their speech and writing. But I don’t like it, it’s unnecessary, it offends some people and I’ll just have to delete the comment if you use it. Just wanted you to know that up front….

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