Put advanced pseudo class style definitions on their own line

In Internet Explorer 8, if you list a couple of style declarations together and a pseudo class it doesn’t recognize is in that list, it won’t apply the styles from the declarations it does understand. For example:

td:last-child, td.last{border-right:1px solid gray}

In the above example, even if you have a td with a class of last assigned to it, IE8 won’t apply the border style because it chokes on td:last-child. You should do this instead:

td:last-child{border-right:1px solid gray}
td.last{border-right:1px solid gray}

However, it appears that within style declarations, when defining properties, IE will just skip over properties/values it doesn’t recognize. Which is good because then we can mix in all those proprietary -moz, -webkit, etc.declarations.

So, if you are running into unexpected results, this is one more trick to add to your bag.


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