IE 6 min-height fix

Oh I love this. I was all set to use a css expression to fix a min-height bug, and went searching for that code, cause it’s not something most people can remember off the top of their head. And found this, instead.

It’s much less expensive of an operation and WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY easier to remember. You do this:

height:auto !important;

You know, in trying to wrap my brain around this, I’m still not sure why it works. Why wouldn’t the auto always kick in? But it doesn’t. It kicks in when the actual height of the element is is greater than the height you set for the min height. Go figure. Sometimes IE’s idiosyncrasies work to our advantage.

It’s called the Min-Height Fast Hack. I love that name.

I thought I’d try the same thing for min-width of my page, but it doesn’t work since the width of the page can be fluid.


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