IE RTL Maximize Restore Issues

And I hit yet another bidi bug in Internet Explorer. I suppose it makes sense and maybe it was bad programming on my part, but none of the other browsers were complaining….

Here’s the issue. I have a 2 column or 3 column layout. I have a bunch of stuff in that layout – some components declared as position:relative to set them as parent containers for some absolutely positioned elements inside of them. I load the page in Internet Explorer in a RTL language. The browser window isn’t maximized. I maximize it. I restore it. Various components in my layout shift to the right. Seems like they are lining up to the right column now instead of the center column.

The fix? Put position:relative on the center column and the parent container of all the columns.

Toodles. On to fix more Internet Explorer bugs.


One response to “IE RTL Maximize Restore Issues

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